Checklist Item #8 – Activities Report


In my media center activities report, it highlighted just how varied the media center can be in terms of its usage. There were classes meeting for researching, which took place in the foreign language and marketing classes. Then the media center was used for ASVAB testing, which happens often. The media center is oftentimes used for testing which limits its availability to the rest of the school. This is something that needs to be addressed in the future.

FP Library Report


Checklist Item #6 – Conference


I attended the Young Adult Literature Conference at Kennesaw State University. This was very fun and exciting. I had the opportunity to meet several writers and poets who focus on young adults as their readers. I also attended a workshop on alternative literature assignments. In this session, the instructor talked about having students select certain chapters and turn them into stage play. Very interesting!

KSU Conference

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Checklist Item #5 – County-Level Meeting


This was eye-opening as well. One of the things that stood out the most was how most of the media specialist expressed not having enough time to complete their daily tasks. Going from two media specialist to one, has hugely impacted these media specialists, but on a positive note they work together well and try to help each other out though they are at different locations.

Checklist Item #3 – School Level Meeting


I had the opportunity to attend a couple of leadership meetings with the former, media specialist, Ms. Guy. It was interesting to see just how integral the media center is to the functionality of the school. Ms. Guy shared extending hours to accommodate students after school. She also mentioned purchasing resources to help struggling students.